Deana (syntaxlies_) wrote in preppy_cuties,

New Prep! <3

;Name: Deana Kazinci
;Age: 14
;Location: Ringwood, New Jersey
;Favorite Singers: Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson, Kanye West
;Favorite Bands: Bright Eyes, The Faint, Cursive, Azure Ray, Saves the Day, etc..
;Favorite Store: Hollister
;Interests: Shopping, Fashion, Friends, Purses, Music
;Why are you preppy: I think I am preppy because I dont just shop at Abercrombie and Fitch, I shop at the classic preppy brands like Lacoste and Polo, and I think that it's important to shop at those stores because they are the ones who have been making the preppy style for a while. I also think I am living a preppy lifestyle...and its fun!<3
;Color: Pink and Green
;Sport: Cheering
;Show were you promoted us:

*2-3 pictures*

im in the green skirt...and no i dont wear that skirt, it was for fun! <3
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