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New Prep

;Age: Sixteen
;Height: about 5' 5''
;Weight: Eek, 130
;Boyfriend? Girlfriend?: I am sadly single.
;Location: Viva Las Vegas
;Favorite Singers: Justin Timberlake, Usher, Britney Spears (I have to admit...), Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson, and lots of others...
;Favorite TV shows: CSI, The O.C., Growing Up Gotti, The Ellen D. Show, Big Brother, and almost any other reality show ever made, lol.
;Favorite Bands: New Found Glory, Yellowcard, Good Charlotte, Sugarcult...
;Favorite Stores: I absolutely LOVE American Eagle. I also like Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and  Lacoste
;Favorite Color: Pink
;Favorite Sport: Cheerleading/Dance
;Interests: Shopping, Hanging out with my friends, Going online, Swimming, Almost anything any othe teen girl likes to do, lol.
;Why are you preppy: I think I am preppy because I fulfill all the attributes below and more.
;What makes a prep: A prep is someone who likes to have fun, has a 'good head on their shoulders', smart, and dresses nice.
;Show were you promoted us:

Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton:
Paris Hilton
Lacoste or Polo: Lacoste
Skinny or Tall: Skinny
Polka d0ts or Stripes: Stripes
Ashlee Simpson or Avril Lavigne: Ashlee Simpson
Dancing or singing: Dancing
Polo or tee: Um, I have to say Tee
Pink or purple: PINK
Chinos or jeans: Jeans
Rap or rock: Pop Rock

*2-3 pictures*

I just got my hair cut and colored and everything the other day. Also, I only have a webcam, so thats why they are all in the same place. : )

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