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New Prep

<3 it ..

;Name: Emily
;Age: 16
;Height: 5'7
;Weight: 120 lb
;Boyfriend?: John. very cute. 6'4. only wears polo.
;Location: North Carolina
;Favorite Singers: Ashlee Simpson, ♥ Jim Morrison ♥, Chris Cabarra
;Favorite TV shows: North Shore, The OC, CSI, Family Guy
;Favorite Bands: The Doors, CCR, Dashboard Confessional, Something Corporate, Beatles
;Favorite Stores: Abercrombie, Lucky Jeans, Urban Outfitters, Burberry, American Eagle, Polo
;Favorite Color: pink / blue
;Favorite Sport: soccer
;Interests: soccer, shopping, camera whoring, partys, reading, extracurricular activites
;Why are you preppy: I don't just shop abercrombie. Lacoste, Polo, i love all the classics. I do any extracurricular activity that will look good for colleges, and plan on going to a prominent campus.
;What makes a prep: I look like this: on a daily basis. 'nuff said.
;Show were you promoted us: http://www.livejournal.com/users/_____dammit/6616.html

Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton: Paris
Lacoste or Polo: Polo
Skinny or Tall: tall
Polka d0ts or Stripes: stripes
Ashlee Simpson or Avril Lavigne: Ashlee
Dancing or singing: dancing
Polo or tee: polo
Pink or purple: pink
Chinos or jeans: chinos
Rap or rock: rock

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